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LSD Conversion Base Kits (includes our Upgrade Green Spring Kit set) XT/HD Series Limited Slip Differential Conversion Kits

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits

Convert your open diff, into a competitive, limited slip diff-lsd
No need to replace your differential

Offering two versions of our LSD Conversion kits to suit your traction needs.

Not sure which is right for you? Consult with us today and our tech dept will make sure your getting the correct application.

Limited Slip Locker LSD Benefits

  • Proven Performance and Traction Gains
  • Improve Your 60' Times
  • Increase Your Towing Power
  • Corner Faster
  • Eliminate Torque Steer
  • Equalize Tire Wear

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits
are manufactured with the highest quality materials and processes to ensure your getting the very best final products made in the U.S.

Research & Development

As our skilled engineering team continue to develop & test even more products where traction needs are of concern, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a TC LSD Conversion Kit for now.

So what would you do with a little more traction?

Get Some Action in Your Traction!.....Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits.

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion kits are considered aftermarket performance parts. It is solely the purchaser's skill and judgement to install and use these products. To ensure maximum performance, make sure you have the correct part, fitment and your LSD Kit is installed properly by a skilled technician familiar with transmission components and functions.

Stop spinning and get traction to both wheels. With the Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD kit, you can convert your open differential to an LSD without replacing your diff.