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For FWD, RWD vehicles, our Base Series LSD Kits range from 250-350 hp/ft.lbs torque and up depending on the model differential, what has been assigned to that application for various develop reasons.

Some of our Base Series applications have also moved into our upgraded series which would put them in a 350-550 hp/ft lbs torque range though it's really depending on your traction needs. This is where our team comes in with a personal consultation as to which is right for you.

We'll help you decide. Contact us today for more information.
Install your Traction Concepts Limited Slip Diff Conversion Kit today, and leave your competition behind.
Traction Concepts LSD Conversion kits are considered aftermarket performance parts. It is solely the purchaser's skill and judgement to install and use these products.
To ensure maximum performance, make sure you have the correct part and final fitment so your LSD Kit is installed properly by either yourself or a skilled technician familiar with your transmission components, functions and assembly.
Please follow our easy to use, step by step, pictorial install guide or use any of our video installs that pertains to your differential type along with your vehicle owners manual for torque specs or any other pertinent information.
Through rain, sleet, snow, dirt, mud, gravel rock, & asphalt, you need traction. Your tires need to grip. Avoid getting stuck. Get a head of your competition and leave them in your dust. Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits