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Traction Concepts' Limited Slip Diff Conversion Kit
installs into your non-lsd open differential, converting it into a proven and competitive limited slip differential that greatly enhances your traction needs. Traction Concepts' 1.5 to 2-way function LSD Conversion Kit will considerably improve handling in your daily driver, street/strip warrior, or a full race vehicle. Claiming 250-350 hp/ft.lbs torque although this can go above depending on one's vehicle set-up and actual traction needs.

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Upgrade your Traction Concepts Limited Slip Diff Conversion Kit with the Green Upgrade Spring kit that is included with your order for maximize traction gains. Enjoy even more handling than with the base series and best of all, it's now included with your order. Save time and money by installing it initially.
Claiming 350-550 hp/ft lbs torque although this can also go above and beyond depending on one's vehicle set-up and actual traction needs.
Install your Traction Concepts Limited Slip Diff Conversion Kit today, and leave your competition behind.

Upgrade Green Spring- Part #TK100 Installation Tech Tip
Use a table vise to unload Traction Concepts LSD Kit, remove end clip tabs, dowels & switch out base springs to your green upgrade springs by placing them in their spring seats. Compress together in the vise & replace dowels & end clip tabs to reload your TC LSD Kit again. The heavier duty spring may change clearance tolerances.
Traction Concepts LSD Conversion kits are considered aftermarket performance
parts. It is solely the purchaser's skill and judgement to install and
use these products.
To ensure maximum performance, make sure you have
the correct part, fitment and your LSD Kit is installed properly by a
skilled technician familiar with transmission components and functions and please follow our easy to use, step by step, pictorial install guide.
Through rain, sleet, snow, dirt, mud, gravel rock, & asphalt, you need traction. Your tires need to grip. Avoid getting stuck. Get a head of your competition and leave them in your dust. Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits