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(XT and XT/HD Heavy Duty Series)

This kit is also suitable for daily driving, off road, & full race applications claiming a range of 550-650+ hp/ft lbs torque although in some full race applications, 1000 + hp ranges have used this kit with great success.

An XT Upgrade or XT/HD Upgrade Series is usually offered after a consultation. You will need to contact us if you believe you need something stronger than our "XT Series," which could be above the 650 hp/ft lbs torque range, or you feel you require a different set-up for more extreme traction needs like hauling, towing or higher hp applications.
The XT Series or XT/HD Series kit could already be assigned for your vehicle though it's best to confirm just in case the application listed has not yet been updated.

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion kits are considered aftermarket performance
parts. It is solely the purchaser's skill and judgement to install and use these products. To ensure maximum performance, make sure you have the correct part, fitment and your LSD Kit is installed properly by a skilled technician familiar with transmission components and functions.