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The Upgrade Green Spring Kit is included with all base lsd kit purchases on www.TractionConcepts.com, (Excluding the XT Heavy Duty Series kits). Price shown includes the complete Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kit, Upgrade Green Spring Kit set & step by step pictorial install guide.

The Upgrade Green spring kit will not be sold separately without a proof of purchase from an authorized dealer or re-seller and receipt of purchase.
Use a table vise to unload your Traction Concepts LSD Kit, removing the end clip tabs & 4 dowels. Slowly open up the lsd kit. Switch out the base springs to your Green Upgrade Spring set by placing them in their spring seats. Compress the lsd kit back together in the table vise & replace the 4 dowels & end clip tabs to reload your TC LSD Kit again. The heavier duty spring will increase the clearance tolerances allowed so wait to then resurface axle gear mating surface if needed.}