Stop wheel spin and corner with confidence. Traction Concepts LSD Conversions are your alternative to replacing a perfectly good working differential or welding your differential's gears.  Just install and go.  Enjoy years of predictable handling and traction with noise and chatter free smooth engagement.  Puts the power to the ground! 

Traction Concepts Install  

@SpeedCultureStudios shares how with basic tools the Traction Concepts LSD Conversion installs into your OEM open differential. If you have install questions, feel free to reach out to our tech support.

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No tools? No problem. We offer in house installation.

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Be ready for winter or rainy season, with more traction to the wheels.

Predictable handling for the daily driver. Durability for full race applications.

Corrects torque steer and allows faster cornering.


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Traction Concepts Limited Slip Benefits

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits eliminate torque steer, equalize tire wear, and improve handling on the streets, track, and off road so you feel more confident and in control when driving. 

Daily Driving

Rain, sleet, or snow. AWD, FWD, & RWD vehicles need traction on the road.

Asphalt & Off Road

On the street or dirt, our LSD Conversion Kits meet your traction needs.

Limited Slip LSD

Accelerate through the corners faster with a Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD.

Locker Feature

Traction Concepts helps you get the power to both wheels on the ground.

Our Services

In House Installation

Ship your differential to us and we'll install the LSD Conversion for you. 

Customer Service

Your traction satisfaction is important to us and the continued development of our products in the industry.

Tech Support

Speak with Motorsports engineers about your personal project for fleet or team applications.

Customer Testimonials

Really impressed with your product! We installed it into a 2010 MERCEDES C63 AMG race car with just shy of 600hp. We have completed our first bent sprint event and are very impressed with the performance compared to other far more expensive option.

5/15/2023 Shane G. NZ

Works Great! Been driving with it for a few weeks now and have absolutely no complaints. No more torque steer and very smooth going around corners. 

8/15/2023, Fabien B. -Canada

Very Happy! Thank you for all your help and I am very happy with it! Working great. I highly recommend it to anyone! Thank you.

8/3/2023 Harold H.-  Australia