We specialize in manufacturing premium quality Limited Slip LSD Conversions. Proven in traction performance and durability. Perfected by our Motorsports Engineering team.

Traction Concepts: A globally recognized trusted brand of genuine products providing traction for land vehicles in the automotive industry.

Traction to both wheels. Expert tech support. made in the U.S.A.

Stop wheel spin and corner with confidence. Traction Concepts LSD Conversions are your alternative to replacing a perfectly good working differential or welding your differential's gears. Just install and go. Enjoy years of traction with noise and chatter free smooth engagement.

Traction Concepts Install

@SpeedCultureStudios shares how with basic tools the Traction Concepts LSD Conversion installs into your OEM open differential. If you have install questions, feel free to reach out to our tech support.

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If you don't have the means of tackling the install yourself, we offer in house installation.

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Be ready for winter or rainy season, with more traction in your daily driver.

Feel more confidently in control when driving a car that has traction.

Corrects understeer, oversteer, and torque steer.

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"TWO THUMBS UP! More Predictable, Budget Friendly and NO MORE ONE WHEEL PEEL!"

We got some seat of the pants performance feedback from @bboyjohn04

10/16/2022 Update: "First time at Sonoma Raceway and won't be the last. Scored a 2.04 lap time but there's room for improvement. Happy with the results and how @tractionconcepts came through for keeping the car planted coming out of the hairpins."

8/20/2022 Update: "Next track day at Sonoma Corsa Club on Oct 16. I'll be able to push a lot harder. That car is already a different animal with the additional traction provided coming out of the turns; likes to hook and go. I love it!"

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Does Traction Concepts Limited Slip Conversion Kit Really Work? Dodge Caliber SRT4 FWD Sport Compact Hatch

"Great product! Your products are top notch!" - D.W.Lyles

We got some seat of the pants performance feedback from Dan Lyles

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Traction Concepts Limited Slip Benefits

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits eliminate torque steer, equalize tire wear, and improve handling on the streets, track, and off road so you feel more confident and in control when driving. 

Daily Driving

Rain, sleet, or snow. AWD, FWD, & RWD vehicles need traction on the road.

Asphalt & Off Road

On the street or dirt, our LSD Conversion Kits meet your traction needs.

Limited Slip LSD

Accelerate through the corners faster with a Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD.

Locker Feature

Traction Concepts helps you get the power to both wheels on the ground.

Sherman Davis

2014 Infiniti Q50 with Traction Concepts Q50 Rear LSD Conversion " I have not broken traction with traction control on during daily spirited driving where as to before it was a daily occurrence to where I would lose traction due to the open diff. Now it's is very predictable and I need to find out how hard I can push it before it wants to lose traction."

Predictable, Budget Friendly, No One Wheel Peel!

John Saeturn

1998 Lexus SC400 with Traction Concepts LSD  8/20/2022 Update: "With Sonoma Raceway TRD Series on Oct. 16, I'll be able to push a lot harder. That car is already a different with the additional traction provided coming out of the turns; likes to hook and go. I love it!"

Pedro Pocas

Wins 51º Circuito Internacional de Vila Real in his Porsche Classic with Traction Concepts 924 LSD Conversion #1 Podium Placement with Traction Concepts LSD. 

I absolutely Love My Traction Concepts LSD conversion that I purchased.

Part -TCXVO4447 Is the unit that I purchased for a 1996 Volvo 850R that I manual swapped.  I was upgrading the turbo and several other things and while I wanted more power, I was having problems applying that power to the ground.  My 5cylinder 2.3 Liter had an open diff… so one wheel peel and with the upgrades I had done 350-ish wheel horse was not as enjoyable as it should have been.  So, I came across this Open Diff conversion kit and figured It couldn’t hurt anything to try it out.  This unit is not 100% plug and play.  You do need to modify a few parts in your open diff to accept this conversion unit.  This should not be a surprise and should not stop you from buying this product.  The process of modifying your open differential pieces was straight forward.  Just be aware this will take a bit of time but if you’re modifying your car this you should already know that.  If you are not handy you would be able to bring this to a trans shop and they should be able to fix you up with it also.  So now to the juicy feedback!  Once I finished installing the transmission in my car, I was finally able to start enjoying the horsepower I had created.  There’s no better feeling than feeling steady acceleration when you use to just blow one tire loose and have a smoke show…  I was leaving two strips of rubber and when the 75mm turbo started Boosting away I could notice a tremendous difference in the traction I had gained with the Traction Concepts LSD conversion unit. Absolutely Blown Away at the before and after!  Thank you, Traction Concepts, for this awesome opportunity make all this horsepower usable!!  I look forward to purchasing another one of these for my next project I’m working on and go test this at the drag strip!  Happy Volvo and Happy Horsepower =]

-Sincerely Super Satisfied Customer! 10/20/2022