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Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD Conversion Kits are considered custom to the OEM differential you are purchasing it for. It's not a one size fits all product. Each Traction Concepts LSD Conversion is assembled with pressure tested matched sets of progressive-rate springs to achieve equal load distribution to our LSD Disc Plates. Designed to work with OEM open differentials and dramatically enhancing traction performance and reliability. Traction Concepts LSD Conversions are trusted by vehicle manufacturers and their Motorsports teams.

How Does It Work?
Traction Concepts converts your open differential to an LSD differential. The design is unique and effective. Since 1996, our R & D team have perfected the alternative to welding your diff gears or replacing a perfectly good working differential. We continue to develop our LSD Conversions for modern performance and various conditions that see terrain changes.

  • Safe and suitable for the daily driver, to full race-high horsepower applications.
  • Popular in the mini-truck communities for work and play.
  • Noise and Chatter Free Smooth Engagement
  • BYOD-Bring Your OEM Diff (Front or Rear)
  • No Special Lubricant Needed to Use Our LSD
  • Does Not Interfere with Gear Ratio Changes
  • Does Not Require Costly Ring and Pinion Lashing
  • With our LSD Conversion, it reduces the vehicle's dependency on traction control

Cornering and Braking: Our Traction Concepts Limited Slip Conversion kit’s precision cut LSD Disc Plates function as a disc-type limited slip during cornering and braking. The TC LSD Disc Plates exert equal load against the spider/axle gears using spring pressure to control the amount of slippage at the wheels. This allows you to accelerate quicker, while sustaining higher speeds through the corners.

Hard Launching, Burnouts, Drag Racing/Better 60' times, etc. : The Traction Concepts LSD Kit also functions as a locker- type LSD offering 50-50/100% locking in hard acceleration. When torque is applied through acceleration our LSD Disc Plates will pivot, locking the smaller pinion spider/axle gears, causing both wheels to exert equal power to the ground, providing less torque steer than an ordinary open differential.