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Traction Concepts LSD Installation

Looking to do the Traction Concepts LSD install yourself? Like it or not, you may need to resurface your gears to either allow for clearance tolerances, or removing a raised casting lip of the axle and/or side gear face. It is extremely important for a smooth flat surface of the gears to achieve optimal traction performance you'll expect with our Limited Slip Conversion Kits. In case you need to resurface your gears, check out our Youtube Channel for different examples to take the gears down. Feel free to reach out to us if you need more info before attempting any of these methods for preparing your gears. It's not always needed, though most installations are not plug & play.

Here is a user shared video of the basics on how to install our Traction Concepts LSD Conversion kit on this type of differential.

Rather Read it Instead?

Each Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kit includes the paper version of the Basic Install Guide. A step by step, pictorial of what tools are needed. Same as above. Need a sneak peek? Or maybe you already know your differential type is not like the one shown here. Feel free to reach out to us to check out the install guide.