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Installation & Tech Tips
Are there any parts to modify or machine when installing the Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kit?
  All Traction Concepts LSD Conversions are custom kits and specific to the diff it will be going into. Not all installs will go right in even when you have the right kit. You may or may not need to resurface the gear face that mates with our LSD Disc Plates within the diff. You have to wait until you have our LSD Kit in hand, and the diff out on the bench to know for sure. You will want a precise fitment. Order for your year/make/model transmission being used. It's a good idea to inspect all the diff's components while you're in there, too. Questions are free. So if you don't know, ask us.
Do I need to use a special lubricant or additive to run the Traction Concepts Limited Slip LSD?
  You do not have to run a special lubricant or additive to use Traction Concepts LSD Conversions. Just another reason to use Traction Concepts  so that you can continue to use what your manufacturer suggests, or what you have been using already. We do recommend to use a good quality grade synthetic lubricant. If you are doing any type of endurance style racing, it's also a good idea to change the oil after about 20 hours of hard race use.
How it works: Traction Concepts LSD Conversions
  • Improve Traction to Both Drive Wheels in FWD and RWD Vehicles.
  • Eliminate Torque Steer.
  • Corner Faster with Predictability and Control.
  • Tow Easier and Haul Heavier Loads with Recreational Trailers and Mini Trucks.

Traction Concepts' design offers two different types of functions to improve handling and traction. With the differential carrier on the bench and some basic tools, Traction Concepts allows you to convert your open differential to an LSD diff at an affordable price and proven traction gains.

How It Works:

Our Traction Concepts LSD Conversions precision cut LSD Disc Plates function as a disc-type 1.5 way limited slip would during cornering and braking. Traction Concepts LSD Disc Plates pivot while exerting equal load against spider/axle gears using our Progressive Rate Spring pressure to control the amount of slippage at the wheels. This allows you to accelerate quicker, while sustaining higher speeds through turns and corners. There is no concern for added wear as it will never ever exceed more than 2% on the contact mating surfaces.

Traction Concepts LSD Conversions also function as a locker- type LSD offering 100% locking in hard acceleration or launches, sending 50/50 to both axle wheels. When hp and torque is applied through hard launch or a burnout simulation, the Traction Concepts LSD Disc Plates will pivot, locking the spider/axle gears, causing both wheels to exert equal power to the ground, and eliminating torque steer.

Traction Concepts is the solution to replacing your non-LSD differential or worse; welding the differential gears which leaves you with limitations on daily driving.

Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Kits provide as much maximum traction as other limited slip differential options on the market.

Is there any whining like when welding the diff's gears or clunking like with LSD diff replacements on the market?
  Traction Concepts LSD Conversions offer noise and chatter free smooth engagement. You will not experience any noise with proper installation. Only if you decide to purposefully chirp the tires.
Upgraded Clutches:
When installing upgraded performance clutches, some aggressive brands could add what is termed, "clutch chatter" though this is unrelated to our product and how it would perform.
You can also search online for terms like, "What is clutch chatter", or I think, just , "clutch chatter" . Both search terms brought up the same kinds of complaints on the lower gear/hopping and jerking, along with solutions. Rest assured, our lsd conversion kit is cleared of this tech help, though we are here to assist you when we can. If there is ever a problem there, please let us know, so we may be able to assist you. You can still use your upgraded clutch kit and any other performance mods you choose.
Will the Traction Concepts LSD kit destroy my differential or transmission?
  No, the Traction Concepts LSD Conversion will not destroy the differential or components when installed correctly. Traction Concepts products durable and reliable. We are not responsible for the extensive list of vehicle recalls, failures or breakage from general use, nor are we liable for their weak, defective, or inferior components. Our continuous research and development in working with the materials used by the vehicle manufacture, is what leads us in our quality and performance. With proper installation and a smooth flat mating surface, you will get competitive traction gains. Also consider the LSD kit is most likely being installed into a diff that has some use or abusive miles on it. Be sure to check for parts that look like they may look weakened, broken/chipped/or cracked gear teeth, scuffs on the diff pin that could signify rubbing, or metal burs for example; as those will need to be machined off to a smooth flat surface area. Please don't think that installing the Traction Concepts LSD Kit will give eternal life to your differential or other transmission parts.
Are there any parts that wear and need to be replaced over time?
  Traction Concepts is quite durable and will likely outlive the life of the differential or its components. If you put the Traction Concepts to years of use, and feel it's not like it was in the beginning, reach out to us.  We are the first and only limited slip lsd manufacturer with upgrade tuning capabilities. It's one of the great perks of our LSD Conversions.