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Limited Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Disclaimer of Limited Lifetime Warranty Product Replacement

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Traction Concepts LSD Kits are aftermarket performance parts and purchasers expressly affirm they reply on their own skill and judgment to purchase and install any Traction Concepts parts at their own discretion. Installing Traction Concepts LSD Kits should be done by professional qualified installers or those familiar with transmissions and differential assembly and disassembly. Improper installation may lead to breakage or problems resulting from poor installation.

Warranty is limited to product replacement of the Traction Concepts LSD kit only if the product is deemed 'approved for warranty.' Any non-Traction Concepts items that may have been damaged are not warrantied. All removal or reinstallation costs will not be covered and is the responsibility of the purchasing party. Traction Concepts guarantees their products and will replace any Traction Concepts lsd kits due to manufacturer defects or breakage of the lsd kit itself.

Purchasers must show proof of purchase from an authorized Traction Concepts re-seller or dealer, & receipt and submit claim to for and #RMA if deemed acceptable that the kit has been damaged or was defective. You may be instructed to submit supporting pictures of the lsd kit itself with your claim for warranty product replacement consideration.

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